Traffic, Growth & Conversion  Strategies.

A well laid path to success IS the first step to success. We create individualized strategies for your business, giving you proven steps to reach your goal. Harness the power of tailored strategies that drive results and propel your business to new heights. Our team of experts, from marketing to CROs to sales psychologists, is at your disposal.

Short Form ATTNSM Video Production

If you're looking for top of the funnel traffic, we build systems that generate massive traffic using short form video  organically. Our video production is scalable. Want to be a guru or stay in the background? Both are possible. From ideation to fully outsourced solutions, we have you covered.

Programmatic Advertising & Ad Distribution

We help our clients break away from the restraints of platforms by leveraging their organic growth and (very) profitably multiplying sales with paid advertising.  Our approach to advertising prioritizes profitable paid traffic at every stage without huge upfront costs, delays or outdated tactics. Economics and results drive every move and decision.

Fractional CMO Services and Consulting

Revolutionize your marketing efforts with our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) service. Receive in-house expertise of seasoned marketing professionals on a flexible, part-time basis to drive innovation, optimize performance, and transform your marketing landscape. We make "fractional" greater than one.

Never Worry About Hitting Your Growth Goals Again

Body and Hair Oil Brand

Taking a new brand from pre-sales to $300k/month over a three month period using organic short-form video on all major platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Pinterest).

Regional Bank Loan Service

Growing local business and client membership by 5% over 3 months by using organic short-form videos and paid advertising. Our client saw a massive interest in their services.

Empowerment Coach

Increased monthly high-end clientele from 0 to 25/m by increasing brand awareness across social media and developing a rigorous "featured guest" podcast schedule.

Major Food  Brand

Fractional CMO services to grow and maintain positive buyer view of the brand. Subtle branding changes and major overhaul of social media accounts resulted in more positive public perspective of the brand

(available with NDA)

Coaches and Edu-preneurs

Coaches, edu-preneurs and passionate professionals dedicated to empowering others through education and mentorship. If you want to be a catalyst for growth, transforming aspirations into tangible achievements, we want to work with you.

Local Businesses

Local businesses are the heartbeat of communities, offering personalized services and fostering connections.
From home businesses to banks, if getting infront of more of your community is your goal, we have solutions to help you acheive that.

Product and Brand Owners

Brand and product owners are visionary entrepreneurs shaping the future of consumer experiences. And we want to help you reach as many buyers as possible by creating awareness intrigue and community around your brand.

Personality Based Business

Are you or your story the face of your business? If you are looking to create vibrant communties filled with excited buyers, we want to create a winning selling system infused with your personality and work with you to cultivate lasting connections, turning customers into devoted advocates..





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Attentionalism Main Intake
(this took 45 minute to make. I hope you like it)
(this took 45 minute to make. I hope you like it)
Hey! Ya....So, we sort of just make videos and some of them are really cool. Others are very educational but still cool. Some are very very silly....but...you guessed it, still cool.

They are all pretty short... That's kind of our thing: we make short form video....Well, ok....they aren't all short. Most are under 1 minute but we've made some that were, like, 2:45 long.  But, ya... we basically make short-ish videos because no one has an actual attention span and we are all busy.  But, that's like our thing - we grab attention very quickly and hold it and then make people want to act on it. We call that "intentional attention"... and yes, that is where the name "Attentionalism" comes from. It's the art of creating or commanding intentional attention. Ya...we thought that was a bit clever too.

Intentional attention trumps attention everyday of the week ending in "Y".

Anyway... why are you here, again? Oh yes... you're probably wondering what we do and if it will be helpful to you.

We consult, create hooks, script entire videos, edit videos....that's really fun and turn videos into ads and we also do this thing we call the Tate experience (well...that's what I call it), which is when we kind of just spread you across the internet like a virus...uh..a welcome fun virus, though.

We can even build out fun monetized systems based on short form video as the top of the funnel traffic source and help you fully market whatever it is you want to market.

OK, that last part sounded a bit too much like it belonged on the HOITY-Toity side.... lol "monetize".

Let's try it this way:
converstations and advice on how short form video can
drive eyes and sales to your business
laying the goundwork on how you communicate to the
online world in your videos
we basically take you, distill your essence and turn it into
online-speak in video form
we take your videos and splice and dice them, add cool stuff like subtitles
and effects, package them and post or send them back to you
DFY videos
everything above except you're not creating the videos yourself or we
tell you what to film and say and then we produce the finished video
we make you go really viral. This is great to beat the geo restrictions .
the setup for this is sooo exciting. our nerds coworkers are so proud of it
we add on some monetization and handle all of that....landing pages, automation....etc. etc.... real internet nerd oligarch stuff
That looks pretty cool, right? I stole some of it from the hoity-TOITY side.

Anyway....hmm...what else? Well, somewhere below are some of the companies we have worked with. Obviously we've worked with a lot more and, to be honest...we haven't updated this list in nearly a year (except for Kraft...that was sort of a big deal) but...do we don't want to turn this into a bragging session.

And, if we work with you, we can totally keep it a secret. Some people are like that. Hush Hush...Shhhh shhhh...don't tell anyone. Wink wink. (-‿◦)

And at first, when we are asked to keep it hush hush, we were like ಠ_ಠ

And then we were like ( ಠ‿<), mainly because winking is fun but also because we obviously get it. So, yes... that's fine with us. We have lots of secret clients and you can be one of them.

I feel like we're forgetting something.....

Oh...ya...you probably want to see some examples. Here you go:
And stats....people like stats. These are some of the account stats.  When we talk...if we talk, we can talk about how the most important thing is actually engagement. Because, there is nothing sadder than having a huge number of followers who don't really care about you. Did you hear about the influencer with over a million followers who could not get one single person to show up at a meet and greet and couldn't sell a single t-shirt online? (ಥ _ʖ ಥ) ... That was mega cringe.

Anyway....here you go. These are our client-wide stats for Q4 2023. And some random account examples.

And Now...a Random Selection of Our Clients

This really is random...except for Kraft. We made sure to put that in there. Also Doug...he owns a bunch of companies but we were too arsed to put them in individually. So...Doug it is. Doug is a super nice guy, btw.

So, that's it...for real this time. If you want to talk, fill out the form below. We added an arrow to help you find the form.