The number one pain point for coaches and other edu-preneurs is finding clients.

When it comes to scaling your business to 6 or 7 figures, it all boils down to one thing: getting eyes on your offers. There are loads of ways to do it—running ads, using affiliates, content marketing, or even trying to go viral.

Let me spill the beans on how we've helped 300+ coaches and 400+
edu-preneurs snag high-ticket clients in the last 2 years.

Our secret sauce? The Podcast Content Partnership Strategy And guess what? You can totally do it on your own.

So, how does it work?

It's simple: find podcasts with your dream audience, get on those podcasts, and share an offer or promo with the audience. Rinse and repeat.

Podcasts are filled with eager, solution focused audiences looking for exactly what you are offering.

Now, you might be wondering, why would podcasts want you to pitch to their audience?

Well, here's secret number one:

Podcasts are always hungry for awesome guests. The truth is, it's a real struggle for podcasts to find top-notch, reliable, relatable content.

Secret number two:

Podcasts hate making public calls for guests. Why? Because it usually attracts random, not-so-great folks with terrible pitches.

Enter secret number three:

Podcasts like being pitched in a certain way, and that's what you're about to get. We've got a freebie for you—a PDF guide to help you get booked on podcasts. It'll assist in creating a killer podcast topic and presenting it in a neat, reader-friendly format that hosts love. This is the exact method we use to book our clients.

Oh, and it comes with a bonus—a ready-to-go email template. Just plug in your topic, send it to the podcast host along with your topic sheet, and you're good to go. And guess what? There's no need to drop your email - just go ahead and download it.

Getting Booked on Podcasts is the Fastest Way to Build an Audience and Create Clients Online!

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